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How to change the wax filter with CeruStop on Phonak hearing aids

Replacing the wax filter with CeruStop on Phonak RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) hearing aids with a dome earpiece.
To replace the earwax protector on the receiver, only use the wax filter tool that was recommended by your hearing care professional.

  1. Remove the earpiece from the speaker by holding the speaker in one hand and the earpiece in the other.  

  2. Gently pull off the earpiece to remove.  
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  3. Insert the removal side of the exchange tool into the used earwax protector. The shaft of the holder should touch the rim of the earwax protector. 
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  4. Carefully pull and remove the earwax protector straight out of the speaker. Do not twist the earwax protector when removing. 
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  5. Clean the speaker with a lint-free cloth. 

  6. To insert the new earwax protector, gently push the insertion side of the exchange tool straight into the hole of the speaker until the outer ring is perfectly aligned.
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  7. Pull the tool straight out. The new earwax protector will remain in place.

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  8. Now attach your earpiece to the speaker. 
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