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Pediatric care

As universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) becomes more common, pediatric audiologists are tasked with fitting hearing aids on infants at a very young age and on an ambitious timeline. While selecting, coupling, and maintaining hearing aids on infants and children require solutions that are different, teens also require special consideration because they are undergoing a significant mental growth spurt and face unique questions and decisions in their hearing journey. Phonak has assembled resources and tools to help audiologists provide the best possible care to their young patients.

  • Hearing assessment tools
  • Listening Check
  • Research and journal articles
  • Unilateral hearing loss

Pediatric Advisory Board

For 25 years, the Pediatric Advisory Board has been at the forefront in pediatric audiology. A trusted resource for hearing care professionals to deliver best-in-class hearing care to children and teens.

Pediatric Advisory Board

Child hearing assessment tools

There are different assessments that allow pediatric audiologists and hearing resource teachers to evaluate a child’s individual hearing and listening abilities, difficulties, behaviors, and use of assistive technology.

Interactive assessments

The interactive assessment tools can be completed on your computer by entering the required data in each field and the tools will then auto-calculate the results based on your entries. They can also be shared electronically with teachers or parents to fill out and return via e-mail.

Functional Listening Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to determine how a patient's listening abilities are affected by noise, distance, and visual input in an individual's natural listening environment. By Cheryl DeConde Johnson, Ed.D.

Children's Auditory Performance Scale (CHAPS)

Use the CHAPS to systematically collect and quantify listening behaviors observed in children age seven and older. By Walter J. Smoski, Ph.D., Michael A. Brunt, Ph.D. & J. Curtis Tannahill, Ph.D.

Speech test

The Ling-6 test is a quick and easy test that can be used to check a child’s access to the minimal amount of sounds required to hear, understand, and learn speech. The Ling-6 covers six speech sounds that range from low to high frequency. It can be used by professionals as well as parents. For a copy of the CD or more information, please contact your Phonak representative.

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Unilateral Hearing Loss

To advance the treatment approach for Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL), Phonak brought together an international panel of experts to discuss best practices and made the following recommendations for children with UHL:

  • Intervention by the age of 6 months is imperative as UHL can negatively impact a child’s development, including their speech understanding, cognition, and speech/language development
  • A variety of hearing technologies should be considered as part of early intervention for every child with UHL
  • Audiologists have an important role in providing support, information, and resources to families throughout their child’s hearing journey

Unilateral Hearing Loss

Research and journal articles

Explore Phonak's extensive library comprised of publications and evidence related to Pediatric Audiology including scientific research relevant to the field.

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