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myPhonak Junior app: pairing with compatible hearing aids*

To connect Bluetooth enabled hearing aids with the myPhonak Junior app, please follow the steps below:

1.    Install the app on your smartphone
2.    Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone**
3.    Reboot the hearings aids by following the instructions in the app.
4.    Tap “Continue” to search for the hearing aids.
5.    The app will start searching for the Phonak hearing aids. Once they are found, tap “Select.”
6.    Allow some time for the app to connect to each hearing aid and confirm the action for each hearing aid in the dialog.
7.    When pairing is completed tap “Continue” to access the main screen of the app.

myPhonak Junior app: compatible hearing aids
**On Android devices, you must enable location services when pairing Bluetooth devices for the first time. After the initial setup you can disable the location services again.