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For professionals

eAudiology Tools

Phonak’s cutting edge eAudiology tools offer your clients remote hearing care services that modernise the patient care experience.

  • Clients can still get hearing care support even if they can’t come in for an appointment
  • Created by experts in the field to assist hearing care professionals
  • Remote support allows you to connect with your clients and make adjustments in real-time
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What eAudiology can do for you

eAudiology can help improve the way you offer treatment for patients by expanding your service portfolio.

Expand your offerings

eAudiology doesn’t replace your skills as a practitioner, but instead adds to your clinic’s diagnostic audiology offerings and creates more time, flexibility, and availability for patients.

Flexibility for patients

Using apps and software, you can perform remote fittings, conduct hearing tests, and make device adjustments all in real time from your computer.

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Download the Remote Support Quick Start package

Phonak has the tools to help you offer Remote Support to your clients. Our Quick Start Package bundles essential resources to walk you through the initial steps:

Preparing your clients for Remote Support

Preparing your clients for Remote Support

2 min

Preparing your clients for Remote Support
2 min

Check internet and Remote Support connection

Check internet and Remote Support connection

2 min

Check internet and Remote Support connection
2 min

Performing Remote Support

2 min

Performing Remote Support
2 min

All files

zip package (95 MB)

myPhonak hearing aid app interface.

Helpful digital audiology tools

These useful fitting and hearing screening tools will help you make the most of eAudiology in your practice.

Hearing screener

Integrate this customisable online hearing test into your website or marketing materials to encourage new patients to do an initial hearing test remotely with your clinic. It also helps provide a more helpful online experience for those exploring potential solutions to hearing loss.

myPhonak App

Stay connected with your clients and remotely provide them an efficient and effective service in real-time with this free, easy-to-use smartphone app.

Target fitting software

With Phonak Target’s innovative software, you can ensure that clients not only get a more satisfying hearing aid fitting experience, but also benefit from the technology’s impact on their hearing and overall well-being.


Why should I offer eAudiology?

eAudiology is a growing field that provides convenience for clients, solutions for unique hearing situations, and helps practitioners grow in their profession.

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For your patients

eAudiology gives your patients access to care even if they live far from clinic. This offers your patients added convenience that can accommodate their busy schedules.

  • Give clients who live far away more access to care
  • Conveniently accommodate their busy schedules
  • Make hearing aid adjustments in real time

For your practice

Providing remote care can be as effective as in-person appointments, and it offers a way to appeal to a larger group of potential patients, while increasing satisfaction of your current patients.

  • Provide remote appointments that can be as effective as in-person appointments2
  • Expand patient reach to those outside of your community
  • Can be shorter1 and more efficient

For yourself

eAudiology not only gives your patients flexibility, but it also gives you added flexibility in scheduling as well. And, as a growing field and new technology, it shows your patients that you too are growing professionally, as you adapt to how you can provide more efficient services to them.

  • Enjoy more flexibility in your schedule
  • Experience professional growth through a new way of providing care

Hear from your peers

Hear from other Hearing Care Providers who have found success implementing eAudiology into their practice.

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eAudiology can appeal to many

eAudiology is a great option for certain patients who may prefer virtual care for a variety of reasons.

Digitally savvy patients

These patients are early adopters of technology and would likely be enthusiastic users of Remote Support, especially if these clients have busy schedules and would enjoy follow-up appointments and adjustments virtually.

Complicated logistics

Patients who have a tough commute to your office or who need ad-hoc appointments can easily schedule appointments with your office regardless of their other obligations.

Expanded coverage

To expand coverage to meet community needs, you can provide care remotely to patients in their home,  or to patients visiting your remote clinical location with clinic support staff assisting. Support staff can care for patient needs and set up technology when a full-time Audiologist can't be in the office in-person.

Some additional candidates for Remote Audiology Support:

  • Patients with frequent hospitalisations who may need hearing aid support in new environments
  • Frequent travellers
  • Clients who have family members who would like to and can facilitate a Remote Support appointment
  • Those who prefer in-person but would like Remote Support seasonally
  • Teens who may be ready to take more ownership of their hearing aid appointment
  • Digital natives who desire the option for a Remote Support visit

Audiology blog

The Audiology blog is where hearing care professionals can get useful guidance, resources, technology, and product news to stand out in the industry and learn about current topics in audiology. Today, more than 100 experts from Phonak and across the hearing industry have contributed articles—sharing their insights, opinions, and stories with us, so we all can deliver the best service to our patients.

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Partner with us

As a Phonak partner, you’ll get access to one of the industry-leading hearing solutions, our extensive resource library, marketing support to help your business grow, community events, training, and more.

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Phonak eLearning program

Through Phonak’s eLearning program, you can learn more about the importance of involving family members in the rehabilitation process, at your own pace. The series consists of seven modules designed to help you better understand and practice the principles of FCC.

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1. Source for comment that rs visits are shorter (10 min on average) Dyre, L. (2022) Sonova Nephele Data Mart 2021. (internal Sonova data)

2. Muñoz, K., Nagaraj, N. K., & Nichols, N. (2021). Applied tele-audiology research in clinical practice during the past decade: a scoping review. International journal of audiology, 60(sup1), S4-S12.