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Phonak Roger Charging Rack with four different hearing aid accessories charging.
Hearing solutions for the classroom

Roger™ for Education

  • Classroom solutions
  • Focused learning

It is important for all children, especially those with hearing challenges, to hear well at school. Classrooms are a dynamic place and to fully participate, every child needs to hear not only the teacher, but also classmates and multimedia devices. With Roger™ for Education, there is a hearing solution for every situation.

  • Encourage active participation in the classroom
  • Engage in various classroom activities with ease.
  • Fully automatic to switch from one speaker to a group conversation
  • Connect to any multimedia device  
  • Compatible with virtually all hearing aids or cochlear implants

If I am sitting 20 meters away in the back of the classroom, it’s as if I’m standing right in front of someone.

Female teacher and three pupils in a classroom.
Alex Student and Roger for Education User
Female teacher and three pupils in a classroom.

Types of Roger™ Touchscreen microphones and accessories

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic hearing aid microphone.

Roger Touchscreen mics Software features

Roger™ Touchscreen Mics are exciting and easy-to-use wireless microphones that are at the core of Roger™ for Education solutions. They can help students and teachers tackle classroom activities with confidence.

Fully automatic

The Roger Touchscreen Mic automatically switches from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode, depending on its placement. The Roger Touchscreen Mic continuously estimates the surrounding noise and automatically optimizes the volume so that speech remains loud and clear.

Easy controls

With its intuitive indicator lights and user-friendly interface, Roger Touchscreen Mic allows both teachers and students to easily know when the microphone is working and transmitting.

Completely compatible

A versatile choice that works with just about every hearing aid and cochlear implant. It allows multiple microphones and media devices to be connected for full classroom interaction.

Phonak Roger SoundField hearing aid microphone.

Roger™ SoundField

Roger SoundField system features quality sound and plug-and-play simplicity to amplify sound from the teacher, students, and other media sources to the entire class, including both those with and without assisted hearing.

Types of Roger™ SoundField products

Positioned in the classroom, the Roger DigiMaster loudspeaker has multiple speakers within the tower. By using cylindrical sound dispersion, the teacher’s voice is distributed almost equally through the room. Like all other Roger devices, the system is adaptive, helping the teacher’s voice stay above the noise.

DigiMaster 5000

A standalone unit that contains 12 mini loudspeakers and produces high-quality sound for average-sized classrooms. 

DigiMaster 7000

For larger classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, the DigiMaster 7000 features 15 high-quality mini loudspeakers that can be combined with another unit, covering double the range of one DigiMaster 5000.

Classroom with nine teenager pupils and a female teacher with plenty of different Phonak Roger microphones.

Software features

Bluetooth connectivity

New Bluetooth connectivity module for easy connection to multimedia devices used in classrooms. This allows the teacher’s voice from the Roger Touchscreen Mic to be mixed with music or another audio signal from a smart device simultaneously. 

Sound quality

More Bass for a fuller, richer sound quality. Thanks to new high-quality loudspeakers.

Access multiple speakers

Connect up to 35 Roger microphones, such as Roger Touchscreen Mic or Roger Pass-around, in the same Roger network to hear everyone. 


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