myPhonak Junior app

The world within your hands with the new myPhonak Junior app, which is easy-to-use and designed specifically for children!

Will be available mid-July

The app will be available mid-July

App functions

Remote Support

  • Allows consultation in between your child´s face-to-face appointments with an audiologist.
  • Lets your children get care at a distance, on your own schedule, without having to miss a day of school.
  • You can stay connected to your hearing healthcare provider in a way that fits your lifestyle.
my Phonak Junior app remote support function

My Hearing Aids

  • Status information of the connected hearing aids and hearing aid accessories
  • Battery state of charge
  • Wearing time statistics
  • Auto on / out of charger configuration
  • Bluetooth® phone call configuration

Remote Control

  • Adjust and control volume of hearing
  • Select programs for defined listening situations
  • Create preferred settings for specific listening situations
  • Noise Cancellation through Speech Focus 
  • Empowers children to personalize their listening in environments which they find particularly challenging

myPhonak Junior app

The myPhonak Junior app has been designed to empower children in an age-appropriate way while prioritizing their hearing performance.

Smartphone compatibility

myPhonak Junior app can be used on Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones.

Check if your smartphone is compatible Compatibility Checker

Hearing aid compatibility

Only compatible with hearing aids with Bluetooth© connectivity.

To view the instructions for use, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Visit to download. To obtain a free paper copy of the instructions for use, please contact your local manufacturer representative. A copy will be sent within 7 days.

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