ActiveVent™ Receiver

The world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver

ActiveVent Receiver is an innovative speaker technology, featuring a mechanically switching vent. Providing naturalness of your own voice while optimizing your hearing performance.

It is the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker, designed for challenging listening environments or for moments of focus. It is controlled by AutoSense OS™ 5.0 -- automatically adjusting your hearing aids to suit the environment.


  • Intelligently balances speech clarity in noise and listening comfort1
  • Provides superior sound quality for streamed media*2
  • Intelligently controlled by AutoSense OS 5.0
  • Compatible with all Audéo Lumity and Audéo Paradise rechargeable hearing aids

Performance and comfort together like never before

Lumity features the revolutionary new ActiveVent Receiver -- a hearing aid speaker that combines comfort and hearing performance like never before. ActiveVent attaches to your Audéo Lumity rechargeable hearing aids. It blocks out noise in loud environments to optimize hearing in noisy places while providing you with a comfortable and natural listening experience in quiet.

How does ActiveVent work?


ActiveVent incorporates a built-in vent in combination with a small disc that is moved between two positions:  open and closed. A reassuring click signals that the disc has changed position.

When the disc is in the open position, environmental sound is able to pass through and thus provide listening comfort, naturalness of own-voice and awareness of environmental sounds.1


In challenging listening situations, or when streaming media, the disc moves to the closed position, blocking out environmental sound directly entering the ear, thus increasing focus on speech in front or streaming content. All this is intelligently and automatically controlled by AutoSense OS 5.0.

Inside ActiveVent

Rediscover the wonder of sound in more situations than ever before.  Listen to the sound demo yourself, best experienced with headphones.

A look inside ActiveVent — the world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver.


  • Wipe your hearing aid daily with a damp cloth
  • Wipe your ear piece daily with  a damp cloth
  • Replace wax filter

Weekly wax filter replacement is recommended. Your hearing care professional will, however, advise your individual interval for best performance.


Care reminder

Routine care of your hearing aid will ensure optimal hearing performance and long lifetime of your devices.

It is recommended that you clean the earpiece daily with a dry soft cloth and remove wax with a soft brush. Phonak hearing aids fitted with an ActiveVent will require regular exchange of a wax filter.

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1. Winkler, A., Latzel, M., & Holube, I. (2016). Open Versus Closed Hearing-Aid Fittings: A Literature Review of Both Fitting Approaches. Trends in hearing, 20, 1-13.
2. Latzel, M & Hobi, S (2021) Receiver with mechanical vent provides benefit of open and closed acoustics for better speech understanding in noise and naturalness of own voice perception. [based on preliminary evidence] Phonak Field Study News in preparation. Expected end 2021.

*compared to a conventional acoustic coupling in quiet