Hearing loss in children

The future is in their hands, so get them prepared in the present

Precious senses

Ensure your children reach their full potential

If you plant a seed, a tree will grow. This applies to our future generations. Hearing is one of the most precious senses and of utmost importance to a child. Through hearing, language and communication skills are developed and laying the correct foundation as early as possible will make a difference to your child’s future.

The world around is alive and thriving with vibrant sounds. Many are connected to joy and laughter while others can be an alert for danger. Fortunately, we are living in an era when advances in hearing aid technology offer excellent solutions for children to develop into who they desire to be.

She has gained confidence and loves to interact with other people    

Phonak offers the broadest portfolio of hearing solutions for kids. We believe that our future lies in your children’s hands and, for this reason, we are driven to do more, do better for generations to come.  

You're not alone

Together we stand

Hearing like me is a community for those who have been touched by hearing loss. We understand that raising deaf children or those with hearing loss can be a challenging experience. From the time a child is diagnosed to the joys that they bring into our lives, reading other people's experiences and sharing your own, is a great way to know that you’re not alone.

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