The importance of hearing in communication

People are at the core of why we need to hear

Hear and be heard
The clearer we hear, the more we can make ourselves heard! Voices are our connection to the world and allow us to interact with friends, family and people around us. It’s our means of connecting as living beings. But ask yourself, what good is a voice if you can’t hear it?

We're all connected
There are so many sounds that can put a smile on your face. A telephone call from a loved one, your little niece giggling or perhaps the chatter of friends gathered in your living room. These are the sounds that you don’t want to miss or better said, you don’t have to miss.

We all seek a sense of belonging. The ability to identify gives us a feeling of acceptance and comfort. Being able to interact is part of our everyday life and, in the greater scheme of things, we’re all connected!

Hear and be heard

Get the signal!
Hearing your favorite track on the radio or the sound of the sea gently crashing to the shore - can take you back to a certain space in time and spark up nostalgia.

Don't wait, participate!
The sooner you take the first step to better hearing, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits of not missing out. Re-discover the sound of the world around you and stay connected to the things that truly matter.

Turn it up, turn it down

Volume alone is not the answer

Does the volume level of the TV annoy you at home? Are you tired of the ups and downs, the highs and lows? It doesn’t have to be that way. Technology can bridge the divide between you and your families preference for TV volume.

Phonak TVLink

Phonak TVLink

Get the most out of your TV viewing and turn your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones.

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