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Sound travels. It moves around and makes us aware of our physical surroundings. But sometimes sound can be overwhelming. It can make it difficult to find our orientation, leaving us feeling lost and confused. What do you do when the sound all around you becomes unbearable? When you can’t follow a conversation because the noise is deafening? Well, there’s no reason to shy away, so we suggest you welcome sound with open arms.

Whether you’re at a café talking to a loved one, in a museum filled with echoes, or perhaps in a car surrounded by bustling traffic, keeping up with conversations is now easier than ever before. We’ve recognized the issues and know that everyone has difficulty in noisy listening situations. This is why we developed several solutions to keep you connected, regardless of your type or degree of hearing loss.

Seamless hearing with innovative technology

Because sound is always changing, it makes it even more difficult for the tasks hearing aids have to perform. Luckily, with today’s hearing aid technology, we can successfully deal with some of the most difficult hearing situations. In fact studies have shown that some technology can do it better than we can!

For example, Phonak AutoSense OS automatically adapts a hearing aid's settings according to the environment, all in real-time so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the moment!

Phonak PartnerMic™

Phonak PartnerMic™

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