Invest in your life by hearing well

No one wants to miss those chance-in-a-lifetime moments because of a hearing challenge. But if you find yourself missing the everyday moments and asking those around you to repeat themselves, you’re probably missing the special moments, too.

Partnering with a hearing care provider who will fit you with a responsive hearing aid is a step in the right direction to reclaiming what you’ve been missing out on: friends, family, social outings and overall life.

Find out your why

“The purpose of a hearing aid is to reconnect you,” said Nikolas Klakow, Au.D., Phonak Manager, Clinical Training. He knows the value of asking the right questions to someone who is experiencing hearing loss in order to get to the “why” of investing in a hearing aid. Questions include:

  • What will hearing better give you again that you don’t have now?
  • What will you be able to do that will allow you to be part of the community again?
  • What will this allow you to do that’s important to you or gives you purpose again?

All of these questions drill down to one basic issue: The person with hearing loss has probably given up something meaningful along the way because of the hearing loss, whether the decision was made consciously or not. Whether it’s time spent with family and friends, a hobby or group activity, or some other activity that fulfilled them, the withdrawal comes at a cost.

Never say no

Arlene Halpenny, Phonak Marvel™ hearing aid wearer, knows firsthand how her hearing aids have helped her live her best life.

“My husband and I love plays and musicals. However, there were times when we would pay big money to see a special star, and they would be talking and I would hear nothing … even with the hearing devices that they let you rent at these venues,” Halpenny said.

Without a properly fit hearing device, Halpenny would miss half of the conversation on stage. “People would be laughing, and I'd ask my husband what was funny because I'd like to be in on this,” she added.

Now with her responsive hearing aids, Halpenny can fully participate at shows she attends with her husband. “I'm at a musical, just two weeks ago, not using any (extra) devices. I was laughing loudly because I was enjoying myself so much that during the intermission the people behind me said, ‘You're really enjoying this program!’ I said, ‘Oh I'm so sorry; this is fabulous!’ But it’s been so long since I could naturally enjoy hearing,” she said.

“Wearing my Phonak Marvel hearing aids, I never say no to anything,” Halpenny added, “and I used to ... I got to the point where I would just say, ‘Oh, I'm busy,’ or, ‘I can't make it,’ because I didn't want to be put in a situation where, first of all, you can't hear, so you're not enjoying anything. You can’t converse with people, so why would you go?”

A hearing device to match you

Finding ways back to the person you were before the hearing loss is possible. By investing in a hearing aid, you can once again enjoy those activities that had become overwhelming, frustrating or just too much hassle. The programmable technology that’s now available in hearing aids can make a difference.

“With programming, the hearing care provider can not only customize the sound for you, but can also find what this hearing aid needs to be to match your lifestyle,” Klakow said.

According to Klakow, while the first fit is the simplest part of the process, it’s when the person comes back in and says, ‘Here’s where it was a little too loud,’ ‘This is where it was too sharp,’ ‘This wasn’t loud enough,’ ‘I struggled here’ … that’s where the hearing care provider shines.

They can interpret what the patient is commenting on and figure out whether it’s a programming issue, whether they need to adjust the hearing aid, or if it’s a counseling issue, and those are really important differentiations.

Reclaim your life

“It brings me to tears when I tell people this, ‘You've got to go try this. You will get your life back,’” Halpenny added. “Sometimes you don't even realize that you're turning down invitations to things because it becomes embarrassing. You appear to be non-intelligent, and you make odd statements, or you'll repeat what someone just said, and it's an embarrassing situation. Now that I can hear with my hearing aids, I am in heaven, because I don't have to say no to anybody.”

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