Finding new ways to reconnect people to sound

Phonak has impacted the lives of millions since 1947. Through innovative technology and a pioneering mindset, we maintain a legacy of passion and performance in the world of hearing care.

What sets Phonak apart from other companies in the world of hearing care? And, more importantly, what does our legacy of hearing care success mean to you?

We’re the audiology leader. With more than 1,000 audiologists on staff worldwide, our team members researching, testing and building your hearing aids understand hearing healthcare like no other business. We empower you with a revolutionary hearing device.

We’re all about building trusted relationships — with hearing healthcare practitioners and hearing device patients like yourself. We want people with hearing loss to live a life rich with the beauty of sound. Through in-house research and development, we build powerful hearing aids, convenient e-services like apps, and a broad range of solutions to fit every hearing need.

We change lives for the better. We do everything with one goal in mind: Finding new ways to reconnect people like you to a world of sound. Together, we change lives.

Whether you, a family member or a friend are impacted by hearing loss, Phonak will always be there with support, solutions and know-how to help you and yours live in a world where life is on.

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