How Bluetooth hearing aids transform the way we live

The primary goal of hearing aids has always been to improve speech understanding. While this hasn’t changed, Phonak has been building Bluetooth® technology directly into the most advanced hearing aids, like our Audéo™ Marvel. This lets consumers directly connect to virtually any wireless electronic device, eliminating the need to wear a body-worn accessory.

Let’s take a brief look at how the latest Bluetooth hearing aids are transforming the way we live.

Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone

According to Dr. Christine Jones, Phonak Vice President of Audiology, previous generations of hearing aids could only directly connect to an iPhone, which greatly limited people’s options.

According to Jones, the Pew Research Center found only 33% of American smartphone owners used an iPhone while a whopping 66% used the Android operating system. Another study showed 38% of all Americans over age 65 still use a classic flip phone.

“Until now, there has never been a Bluetooth hearing aid that was truly made for all devices and allowed universal connectivity — including the ability to directly connect to an iPhone, an Android device or even a classic flip-phone that is Bluetooth-ready,” she said.

Enable truly hand-free calls

Audéo Marvel hearing aids allow you to answer a phone call with a simple press of a button and stream to both ears. Built-in microphones on the hearing aids themselves feature automatic voice-pickup, allowing people to have two-way conversations through their hearing aids.

“This is indeed the first time a hearing aid wearer can have a true hands-free conversation without having to touch the phone at all,” Jones stated. “This is especially convenient in the car, where your phone may be in a pocket or purse, or if you need to have a conversation while leaving your phone on the table or countertop, for example if you’re cooking.”

Stream wireless stereo sound directly from your TV

According to research firm Statista, Americans spend an average of 4.5 hours per day watching TV. And if you are or live with someone who has hearing loss, you probably know that sometimes the volume of the TV can become an issue.

“With a card-sized TV Connector, Marvel hearing aid wearers simply plug the device into the back of the TV,” added Jones. “The plug-and-play TV Connector instantly pairs with Audéo™ Marvel, allowing viewers to stream high-fidelity TV sound in-stereo at their preferred volume level, independent of other viewers. Wearers have reported a markedly better experience in understanding dialogue, especially when the person on TV is talking fast.”

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