3 tips for staying active

While it’s easy to become a couch potato, now is the time to be proactive and begin — or keep — good healthy activities.

Here are three easy tips to staying active.

1. Take a Trip

Whether it’s for an extended weekend or just a short day trip, local park districts, community organizations or even local colleges provide an easy way to join a group and meet others with similar interests.

Perfect examples would be visiting a local museum or aquarium. Many museums offer a variety of programs with assistive listening devices and real-time captioning for people with hearing loss.

You can also see live theater productions at local theaters in your area. Most modern theaters also have hearing assist devices available at no cost to patrons. In addition, some theaters provide closed caption viewings of their productions.

Contact trip organizer or facility for more information on what hearing assistive services they provide.

2. Participate in Community Events

Your local community is a great resource for staying active with festivals, sporting events and gettogethers. If you’re not sure what is happening in your community, check out your community bulletin board or Facebook Local.

Facebook Local can be accessed through the Facebook app or independently by downloading the Facebook Local app to find events happening in your area.

Be sure to check the event details before attending to help prepare for potentially high noise levels that can come from events, such as concerts or football games. In these instances, packing hearing protection will help prevent potential ear damage.

3. Make Decorations

Every season brings color to the area as well as unfavorable weather. For a day stuck inside, create some decorations that will keep you in the seasonal spirit! You could even turn it into a party.

Invite friends or family and ask that they each bring a project for everyone to work on. Ideas include wreaths, candle designs or even coloring pages for the young ones (or young at heart).

These craft projects provide a fun social activity while also keeping the brain stimulated.

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