Phonak Vitus™

The key to confident hearing

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    Proven Phonak technology

    Our years of expertise and innovation combined to provide you with hearing confidence.

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    Quality sound and hearing performance

    Improved speech understanding in noise. With the Everyday Automatic feature in Vitus+, speech intelligibility is automatically increased in challenging environments versus hearing aids with manual programs only.

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    Durable – water and dust resistant

    Built into a robust housing to meet high quality standards.

  • No annoying whistling


Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ delivers solid performance in a multitude of hearing situations. You can be confident that you are getting a quality hearing aid with proven Phonak technology that is robust, reliable and affordable.

Choose your Vitus color

Phonak Vitus Behind-The-Ear models are available in two colors.

Choose a Hearing Aid Color

Beige ( 01)


Packed in an appealing design, there’s a Vitus hearing aid to suit your needs. Your hearing loss and cosmetic preference will determine the most suitable Vitus for you. 

Models of Phonak Vitus 

Phonak Vitus+ / Vitus BTE-micro

Vitus BTE-micro


Phonak Vitus+ / Vitus BTE-P

Vitus BTE-P


Phonak Vitus+ / Vitus BTE-UP

Vitus BTE-UP


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Explore other models with additional features.  

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