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Frequently asked questions


Is Lyric safe?

Lyric is an FDA cleared device and has been extensively studied in hundreds of clinical research patients since 2001. Lyric was commercially launched in 2007 and has been safely worn by thousands of patients since then. If you experience any pain at all, or any discomfort for more than 7 days, see your Lyric Provider.  

Does Lyric require any surgery?

Lyric is NOT a surgically implanted device. Lyric devices are placed and programmed in the office by a Lyric trained hearing professional. No anesthesia is required. The initial sizing and fitting process for Lyric takes about one hour.

Can I remove Lyric on my own?

Lyric can be self-removed, if necessary. After you have been fit with Lyric, your provider will give you a tool called the SoundLync that can be used to take the device out or adjust the volume. However, Lyric must be placed in your ear by a Lyric trained hearing professional.

Can I use headsets or earbuds with Lyric?

Yes, one of the benefits of Lyric is that you can continue to use external headphones and external hearing protection. Do not use inserted headsets, earbuds, or earplugs, because they may dislodge the device. (Standard iPod earbuds are okay to wear).

Can I use my cell phone or home phone while wearing Lyric?

Yes, another benefit of Lyric’s placement is that it can be worn while talking on a cell phone or home phone*****. In fact, Lyric can be worn during many daily activities – such as sleeping, showering, exercising, and using headphones.  

Will Lyric set off a metal detector?

No. Lyric’s metal components are too small to set off metal detectors.

Will an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan damage Lyric or place my ear at risk?

Lyric must be removed before you have an MRI. Unlike an MRI, an X-ray or CT scan will not damage or dislodge the device because a magnet is not used. However, you should inform the physician and/or technician about the Lyric device. If an X-ray or CT scan of the ear or head is needed, the device may need to be removed. Let your physician know that you are wearing Lyric if you are having surgery or a medical procedure of any kind.

Can I swim with Lyric?

Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof. Therefore, underwater swimming and diving are not recommended. However, Lyric can be worn in the shower or during water activities in which the head is not fully submerged under water.

Can I fly on a plane with Lyric?

Yes. It is safe to fly while wearing Lyric.


*****In some instances, the Lyric device may shut off during cell phone use.