Why do you need more than a hearing aid?

Today’s hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding. However, 31% of hearing aid wearers report they still have challenges hearing in noisy situations.1 This is where the Roger portfolio truly excels.

Roger solution

Roger is designed to improve hearing in situations with background noise or the distance to the speaker. The microphones function by picking up the voice of the speaker and wirelessly transmitting it to you.

Paradise HA plus Roger On Table Mic II

Transmits the speech

The Roger portfolio of microphones and receivers provides improved speech recognition over distance and in noisy environments2,3. Our technology reduces distracting background noise while transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids.

Paradise HA plus Roger On Table Mic II

Roger for you...


Roger Solutions

...across all ages


...across all degree of hearing loss 


...across all types of hearing solutions 


Are you entitled to reimbursement?    

You might be eligible to reimbursement for Roger products to overcome your hearing difficulties at work, in higher education and in retired life. A hearing loss should not affect your ability to thrive. To learn more, contact your hearing care professional.

Do you struggle to hear your colleagues?

The modern workplace is fast-paced and highly demanding where communication is key. Unfortunately, many listening environments become a challenge due to distance, side conversations and surrounding noise. Learn how Roger microphones can help you participate at work and whether you're eligible for product reimbursement.

Roger On Worklife
Roger On Higher Education

Do you miss words during class?

As a student, communication is critical to succeed. Unfortunately, you might miss key parts of lectures or conversations due to distance or background noise. Learn how Roger can provide hearing support in lecture hall and group conversation settings, and whether you might be eligible for reimbursement.

Roger On Higher Education

Do you struggle to engage socially in retirement?

Whether you're in a restaurant, a mall, or at home, participating in conversations is an essential part of retired life. In these situations, Roger is designed to help you stay connected regardless of the listening situation. Learn how Roger can help and whether you're eligible for reimbursement.

Roger On Social Life

Roger is scientifically proven to help

Improved speech understanding

A study shows that hearing aid users understand up to 62% more speech in noise and over distance than people without hearing loss3 when using hearing aids in combination with Roger microphones.


62 percent illustration
61 percent illustration

In group conversations

Dr. Linda Thibodeau's study shows that when using hearing aids together with Roger Select and MultiBeam technology speech understanding improves up to 61% in a group conversation in 75 dBA of noise, compared to using hearing aids alone3.

61 percent illustration

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Adaptive to sound

If the noise level increases, Roger adapts accordingly, keeping the voice of the person talking above the background noise.


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Group conversations

MultiBeam Technology enables you to experience improved speech understanding in group conversations in noise2.


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Access to multiple talkers

MultiTalker Network allows several Roger microphones to be used together, providing you with access to multiple talkers in any situation.


Roger products


Roger On™

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations where background noise is present or when there is a distance to the talker.


Roger Table Mic II

Designed for group discussions; several microphones can be connected in a MultiTalker Network to cover large groups.


Roger Select™

A versatile microphone that can be worn by a presenter or placed on a table. When multiple conversations take place, the listener can manually select whom to listen to.


Hearing aids with RogerDirect™

Allows Roger microphones to stream directly to hearing aids with RogerDirect without attaching an external receiver.



Roger NeckLoop is a universal receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil.


Roger design-integrated receivers

Available in the same colors, this is the perfect complement to selected Phonak hearing aids or cochlear implants.


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1. Abrams, H. B., & Kihm, J. (2015). An Introduction to MarkeTrak IX: A New Baseline for the Hearing Aid Market. Hearing Review, 22(6), 16.

2. Thibodeau, L. (2020) Benefits in Speech Recognition in Noise with Remote Wireless Microphones in Group Settings J Am Acad Audiol. 2020 Jun; 31(6): 404–411

3. Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM remote microphone hearing assistance technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American journal of audiology, 23(2), 201-210.