Is Lyricâ„¢ Right for You?

Lifestyles checklist

In what situations do you feel you want/need better hearing?

(Check as many as apply)

Still not sure if Lyric is right for you? The questions on this page will help you to decide if the benefits of Lyric fit your lifestyle.

Please indicate how important each attribute below is to you

(Choose the number corresponding to the level of importance based on the scale below. 1 = Not Important. 5 = Very Important)
Invisibility (i.e. cannot see device at all)
Easy to use
Minimal amount of user maintenance required (i.e. cannot see device at all)
Ability to wear in most situations (i.e. no need to remove device for activites such as exercising, talking on the phone)

How often do you perform the following activities?

Swimming or water activities (e.g. scuba diving) where head is submerged:

Do you skydive on a regular basis?

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Find a Certified Lyric Provider near you

Find a Certified Lyric Provider near you

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This Lyric device is off the charts...I feel almost reborn. My whole world is happier because I don't have to stress when I am trying to hear someone or am trying to have a conversation.


Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric Provider to determine if Lyric is right for you.

*Duration of battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

**Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trial. Consumers in CA, NY, NM & VT will receive a 45-day trial.