Understanding in noise

Follow the conversation, however loud the situation

In noisy situations like restaurants, with many speakers and sound coming from different directions, these wireless microphones allow you to understand and fully engage in conversations.

Roger™ Table Mic

Roger Table Mic

Roger Table Mic is a wireless microphone especially designed for small and large meetings. Simply place it on the table and understand clearly what is being said. Then you can focus on work rather than on hearing. 

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Phonak Roger™ Pen

Roger™ Pen

An all-inclusive wireless microphone for use at work or home, the Roger Pen offers best speech understanding in noise and over distance, plus Bluetooth connectivity

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Phonak Roger EasyPen

Roger EasyPen

The simply smart wireless microphone for one-on-one or group conversations in challenging listening situations and over distance

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Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

Roger Clip-On Mic

The most powerful Roger partner microphone for conversations in difficult listening situations and over distance

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