Drawing Leo

Disegnando Leo

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Like a cell phone that neatly fits into your pocket, or a purse that perfectly slips into your handbag, Ly

  • ric fits directly into your ear c
  • anal and goes wherever you go
  • without getting in the way.  

We invite all children to draw their own version of Leo, our cuddly mascot. Once submissions are collected, we will select 12 winners whose Leo drawings will be featured in our upcoming Leo calendar.

Starting in January 2020, each month of the calendar will feature one of the winning drawings with an image of the child. The ‘child of the month’ will also be featured on social media with their drawing and a short description of why they wanted to participate in the contest.  

To participate, please:

  • Download the template for the drawing here
  • Submit your child’s drawing of Leo and the completed and signed consent form below to:
    Phonak Communications AG, att. Susanne Wenger, Laenggasse 17, 3280 Murten (Switzerland) or to your local Phonak office.
    Deadline is September 2nd, 2019.
  • E-mail a portrait picture of your child (JPG format, at least 2 MB) with a short write-up (20-30 words) written by your child stating why he or she wanted to participate in the contest to: susanne.wenger@phonak.com. Also due by September 2nd, 2019.

Once submissions are collected, we will select 12 drawings to feature in our calendar. Winners will be announced on this webpage on September 27th, 2019 and will later receive a Leo package (including a plush Leo, Leo storybook, Leo growth chart and other items).

Conditions of participation - Leo drawing contest

Prima di tutto, il team pediatrico della sede centrale di Phonak ringrazia tutti i bambini che hanno dedicato del tempo a disegnare il loro Leo personale. Abbiamo ricevuto così tanti bei disegni da tutte le parti del mondo, che è stato difficile selezionare i 12 vincitori. Ma vogliamo congratularci con questi 12 bambini, i cui disegni di Leo saranno parte del calendario Leo 2018!


Grazie ancora una volta a tutti i partecipanti!