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Roger On, Roger Select and Roger Table Mic hearing aid microphone

Roger™ wireless hearing aid microphones

Difficulty communicating in background noise and/or over distance is one of the most common complaints of individuals with hearing loss¹ ². There are a number of factors that affect speech, including background noise level, distance from the speaker, acoustics of the environment and reverberation.

Placing a wireless microphone like Roger in close proximity to the speaker has several key benefits:

  • Improves speech recognition in noise and at a distance3
  • Reduces the distance between speaker and listener
  • Compensates for the effects of background noise and reverberation

Roger On hearing aid microphone

What is Roger technology

Roger is an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. Functioning like a third ear, Roger microphones allow people with hearing loss to learn, work and socialize more easily -- a big step towards more inclusive societies and greater personal well-being. Roger technology works as a system that enables a speaker’s voice to be transmitted from a Roger wireless microphone to a listener’s hearing aid or cochlear implant via Roger receivers.



Up to 62% more understanding of speech in noise and over distance when wearing hearing aids in combination with Roger microphones, compared to people without hearing loss.³

Small group of students sitting and talking. One of them has Roger On clipped to her notepad.

Who are Roger microphones for

Roger has been designed to be fit across all ages, all degrees of hearing loss and all form factors⁴ . It helps:

  • Current hearing aid or cochlear implant users to hear in noisy situations
  • People experiencing hearing challenges at work and need hearing solutions for noise reduction
  • People leading active lifestyles
  • Parents who need hearing care solutions to help their children thrive
  • Students, who need to hear in and outside of the classroom
  • Teens to follow and contribute to conversations in the classroom as well as social and extracurricular activities
Roger On and Roger Table Mic used during an office meeting

The versatility of Roger

From classrooms to the office, to spending time with friends, you can feel more comfortable in any listening situation with the help of Roger technology.

For work 

The work environment places significant demands on individuals when it comes to engaging in conversations. Roger provides hearing solutions to enhance your communication skills, empowering you to participate effectively, to be your most productive and creative self. With the introduction of new features, Roger On V2 can now be used as a headset for online calls and beyond.

For school

Classroom noise, distance, and poor acoustics can create challenging learning conditions. The Roger for Education solutions are designed to address these challenges and create an optimal learning environment for children.

Roger for education

For higher education 

Being a student is an important period of life. While it can be exciting and fun, it can also be challenging for students with hearing loss. Hearing conversations in the classroom as well as outside is key to succeeding in all aspects of a student's life. 

For social activities


Roger microphones

Grandmother with her two granddaughters sitting at a table - Phonak Roger on microphone in front of them placed on a table.

How Roger works

From the ability to calculate speech from 360 degrees to compatibility across almost all manufacturers, Roger gives people with hearing aids and cochlear implants the additional level of hearing performance they need to enjoy life more fully.

Adaptive to sound 

The Phonak unique adaptive behavior technology measures and analyzes noise levels to keep the Roger signal audible above background noise. Hearing aid users understand almost 10 times better in noise and over distance with Roger technology, than people with normal hearing.³

MultiBeam 2.0 technology 

This sophisticated feature calculates speech from 360 degrees by using multiple microphones in six directions, and automatically chooses the direction with the best signal. In addition, it provides spatial information to know which direction the speech is coming from. Those with hearing loss can feel more supported in conversations thanks to this spatial information. *

Access to multiple talkers  

This feature allows for several Roger microphones to be connected in a MultiTalker Network and used together to provide those with hearing loss access to multiple talkers in any situation, whether it be a large work meeting, classrooms, or other multiple-talker environment.


Roger is compatible with almost any hearing aid and cochlear implant that has a direct audio input or telecoil, whether from Phonak or an alternate brand.


Find the right Roger device for you

Everyone’s life and needs are different, which is why we offer a range of hearing solutions to find the right one for you.

Portrait of beautiful senior couple posing in the park
Female doctor writes notes while watching an online medical webinar or training seminar while sitting with a laptop in the workplace. Positive doctor does his best to provide quality medical care

Are you a hearing care professional?

Use Roger Configurator as a tool to find the right Roger equipment you need for your patient or visit the eStore.

Phonak eStore Roger configurator
Roger wireless microphones

Frequently asked questions

No. Roger is a digital wireless technology standard, that FM is a method of radio broadcasting using frequency modulation (FM) technology. Roger can travel all around the world and it is license-free, which is why so many things broadcast on 2.4 GHz, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has a long-range broadcast, does not use a lot of power and has minimal audio delay. Privacy is guaranteed because of the intelligent adaptive protocol and the frequency hopping makes sure to avoid interference issues.

The minimum transmission range for all microphones is 15 meters/50 feet, but some microphones offer a range of more than 100 meters / 328 feet.

Roger connects to any hearing aid or cochlear implant no matter the brand. It requires one of the following receivers to be functional. 

Hearing Aid Receivers

Utilizing wireless microphone technology can provide young children with increased access to sounds, a vital component for their speech and language development. Most experts advise introducing these hearing devices once a child begins to move independently.


* The spatial information only works with hearing devices with RogerDirect

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4. Please contact if you are interested in further information