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Poor quality of Bluetooth audio  

Static noise, choppy audio when I stream music or have a phone call.  
Possible behaviour: 
•    Bluetooth audio is choppy, sound is cutting in and out 
•    Static noise 
•    Bluetooth dropping out 
If you are within the range of Bluetooth (10 m/30 ft) and experience any of the above, we recommend to: 
•    restart your phone 
•    unpair your hearing aids from your phone Bluetooth and pair them again. 
If the issue persists, please try the troubleshooting tips: 
  • Bluetooth transmission is affected if too many applications are running at the same time on the connected device. Close applications that you are not using to avoid slowing down the Bluetooth transmission. 
  • Minimize Interference. Phonak hearing aids operate on frequency of 2.4 GHz – 2.48 GHz. When other devices in your proximity are using the 2.4GHz frequency, you may occasionally hear static or buzzing sounds. It happens because of the activity happening on the same frequency, which overlaps with the connection between your devices. You can try to turn off certain devices that could be causing interference or move into a different area closer to the audio source. 
  • Ensure your phone is updated. 
  • Change the Bluetooth connection for phone calls from adaptive to fixed bandwidth. This can be done in the myPhonak app settings* or by the hearing care professional in the fitting software. 
  • Keep the audio source device close to you. Bluetooth signals can be absorbed, and performance and range can be reduced if the phone is placed inside pockets or handbags. Obstacles such as people, walls, or furniture may also reduce the range. To maintain a strong connection, keep a clear line of sight between the audio source and your hearing aids. 
  • Verify your hearing aids are not running out of battery. 
  • Ensure Power Saver is disabled on your phone. 
If the problem persists, contact your hearing care professional to check if you hearing aids need to be serviced. 

*myPhonak app: How to change the bandwidth