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Easy solutions for growing needs

The hearing needs of children once they are old enough for the educational system become more complex

Hearing aids for children

Once your child starts school, he or she is responsible for processing information that is presented verbally - which is why accurately fitted hearing aids are such an important contributor to successful learning. With increased independence, more social interaction and exposure to situations that demand greater verbal communication, the best hearing solution for your child might be a combination of hearing aids and accessories. Phonak offers a portfolio of products that form fun, comfortable, simple hearing systems - whatever your child's hearing needs.

Success is easy

Especially with high performance hearing solutions which are fun and easy to use

Sky™ V
Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

Sky™ V

The comprehensive hearin 3F23 g aid portfolio for children

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Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

Active participation in the modern classroom

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Hear everything, everywhere, every time

The dedicated pediatric operating system AutoSense Sky OS ensures that kids can fully benefit from a seamless listening experience.

Top-class understanding

Roger systems together with hearing aids provides the best possible understanding of a teacher's voice.  

More sounds, more fun!

Much of kids’ busy lives are composed of playing, learning and interacting with family and friends. Phonak Sky V hearing aids facilitate optimal speech understanding with SoundRecover2.

Keeping kids connected

Interacting with friends, family and keeping connected to mobile phones and multimedia devices is necessary for kids in today’s digital world.

Phonak Soundscapes
Stimulate the development of speech language and listening skills in children

Listening is now a lot more fun

The Listening Room™ is a host of free, fun activities and resources to support and stimulate the development of speech language and listening skills in children of all ages, whatever their degree of hearing loss

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Mix and match your Phonak Sky V hearing aid

Mix and match colors

Let kids express themselves by customizing their hearing aids in their favorite color combo

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