Phonak myCall-to-Text app FAQ

Which hearing aid do I need to use the app?

It works best with Phonak Marvel (such as Audéo M) direct streaming hearing aids. They’re capable of hands-free phone calls by picking up your voice directly from their built-in microphones. This allows you to look at your smartphone screen while on a call.
myCall-to-Text app also works with any other Phonak wireless hearing aids when using a streamer, and even directly without streaming or hearing aids.

Why use Phonak Marvel hearing aids in combination with the myCall-to-Text app?

The myCall-to-Text app was developed along with the Phonak Marvel system. It works optimally because of the direct streaming capabilities of Phonak hearing aids, from and to the phone. You can hear the call in both ears, while the hearing aid microphones directly pick up what you say. A true hands-free solution

Why pay for a subscription?

The myCall-to-Text app automatically includes the following benefits for you

  • Transcription service
  • Calls towards landlines and mobile phones (known as "termination rate")
  • Provision of a new virtual phone number

All cost around those tasks - which are required to offer this service - are included in one subscription fee.

Is it complicated to install?

Not at all! 3 steps: open the app, enter your number, get the registration code. And that’s it! You’re ready to make your first call!

Can I really call anyone and receive phone calls?

Of course! All numbers except short numbers (like 112 or 911). Otherwise you can call anyone! Friends, family, doctor, work... Please note that the app does not support emergency and special services phone numbers.

How do I set up incoming calls?

A convenient way to directly use the myCall-to-Text app for incoming calls is to set up "call forwarding".

Note: For incoming calls you'll need the Basic or Pro subscription plan for getting the myCall-to-Text virtual phone number. Users of the free version can only use myCall-to-Text for incoming calls if the other person is using myCall-to-Text app, too.
To upgrade from a free version, open the myCall-to-Text app and choose a new subscription plan.
As soon as you have the virtual myCall-to-Text phone number you can enable call forwarding:

  • Open your normal phone application on the smart phone
  • Dial **21*<your virtual phone number># (all with no spaces and without “<>”), for example **21*13106565655#
  • Touch Dial
  • You will get a confirmation window. E.g. Call forwarding successful

    All calls to your normal smart phone number will now be forwarded automatically to the new virtual number and picked up directly from the myCall-to-Text app.


  • If you wish to stop forwarding to the myCall-to-Text app, dial ##21#. You will get a confirmation window. E.g. Call forwarding erasure/deletion
  • Please be aware that call forwarding is a service from your provider, if it doesn't work, you need to contact them.
  • Call forwarding may cause additional cost.

People with your virtual myCall-to-Text phone number can call you directly on the app, even without call forwarding.

More support

For more Support Articles and direct support for the myCall-to-Text app we reference you to the app specialist (external page). Please follow this Link