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Rogerâ„¢ SoundField

A new era in classroom amplification

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    Better listening

    Better hearing results and improved learning

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    Less repetition

    Teachers can spend less time repeating themselves and more time getting on with the lesson

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    An orderly classroom

    Teachers are better able to give instructions and manage their students

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    Greater vocal comfort

    Teachers don't have to raise their voices to be heard

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    Combined performance

    Maximise understanding for kids with a personal Roger or FM system

Sarah Daoust, elementary school teacher, Michigan, USA

The students are really staying focused. I think this is the best system I have had in years.

The best learning happens when students can hear clearly, and teachers can talk at a comfortable level. Classroom noise, distance and poor acoustics can make for challenging learning and teaching conditions. With best-in-class sound and plug-and-play simplicity, Roger Dynamic SoundField provides improved classroom acoustic conditions - and improved learning for your child.

Chris Abston, Assistive Technology Technician, Redford Union Schools, Michigan, USA

It's phenomenal. It has the capability of delivering crystal clear voices throughout the room, great battery life and its set-up process is also very easy.

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