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Phonak Roger Charging Rack with four different hearing aid accessories charging.
Hearing solutions for the classroom

Roger™ assistive listening devices for Education

  • Classroom solutions
  • Focused learning

It is important for all children, especially those with hearing challenges, to hear well at school. Classrooms are a dynamic place and to fully participate, every child needs to hear not only the teacher, but also classmates and multimedia devices. With Roger™ for Education, there is a hearing solution for every situation.

  • Encourage active participation in the classroom
  • Engage in various classroom activities with ease.
  • Fully automatic to switch from one speaker to a group conversation
  • Connect to any multimedia device  
  • Compatible with virtually all hearing aids or cochlear implants

Creating access to clear sound in a variety of ways for children to learn at school is incredibly important to me as a parent.

Female teacher and three pupils in a classroom.
Melissa mom and hearing loss advocate
Female teacher and three pupils in a classroom.
Female teacher helping one of her pupils in a classroom.

Learning and development

Research tells us that there is a link between language exposure and child development. Being immersed in a language-rich environment (talking, reading aloud, music, etc.) plays a pivotal role¹. In challenging classroom conditions with noise, distance and poor acoustics, Roger assistive listening devices can support children's learning and language development.

  • Provide better speech recognition for students²
  • Improve opportunities for learning and communication for students³
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Made for students and teachers

The best learning happens when students can hear clearly, and teachers can talk at a comfortable level. The Roger for Education hearing care solutions are designed to address these challenges and create an optimal learning environment for everyone.

Overcome barrier of noise

While Roger wireless microphones provide noise reduction, they also use an adaptive behavior. Meaning if the noise level increases, the volume of the Roger system automatically increases, so the speaker's voice is heard above the noise.

Overcome barrier of distance

Featuring powerful sound wireless technology, Roger microphones can help teachers communicate from wherever in the classroom without distance restrictions. This helps to reduce vocal strain for teachers4.

User-friendly and intuitive

With fully automatic functions, there is minimal need to adjust settings. The right microphone mode is automatically chosen based on the orientation of the device.

Hear multiple talkers

Several Roger wireless microphones can be used together, providing children access to multiple talkers to ensure they can hear everyone speaking or instructional media sources.


Types of Roger™ Touchscreen hearing aid microphones and accessories

Roger Touchscreen

Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

When worn around the neck, the Roger Touchscreen Mic transmits the teacher's voice directly to the student’s hearing device as well as to the Roger DigiMaster, helping to hear in noisy situations. When placed on the table, this wireless microphone switches to a small group interaction mode, allowing children to better understand their peers and participate in classrooms.¹

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic hearing aid microphone.

Roger™ SF Touchscreen Mic

To enable the entire class to hear in noisy backgrounds or over distance, this simple-to-use microphone can be combined with one or more Roger™ Pass-around microphones to transmit speech to Roger™ DigiMaster loudspeakers and amplify voices.

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic hearing aid microphone.

Roger Touchscreen mics Software features

Roger™ Touchscreen Mics are exciting and easy-to-use wireless microphones that are at the core of Roger™ for Education solutions. They can help students and teachers tackle classroom activities with confidence.

Fully automatic

The Roger Touchscreen Mic automatically switches from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode, depending on its placement. The Roger Touchscreen Mic continuously estimates the surrounding noise and automatically optimizes the volume so that speech remains loud and clear.

Easy controls

With its intuitive indicator lights and user-friendly interface, Roger Touchscreen Mic allows both teachers and students to easily know when the microphone is working and transmitting.

Completely compatible

A versatile choice that works with just about every hearing aid and cochlear implant. It allows multiple microphones and media devices to be connected for full classroom interaction.

Phonak Roger SoundField hearing aid microphone.

Roger™ SoundField

Roger SoundField system features quality sound and plug-and-play simplicity to amplify sound from the teacher, students, and other media sources to the entire class, including both those with and without assisted hearing.

Types of Roger™ SoundField products

Positioned in the classroom, the Roger DigiMaster loudspeaker has multiple speakers within the tower. By using cylindrical sound dispersion, the teacher’s voice is distributed almost equally through the room. Like all other Roger devices, the system is adaptive, helping the teacher’s voice stay above the noise.

DigiMaster 5000

A standalone unit that contains 12 mini loudspeakers and produces high-quality sound for average-sized classrooms. 

DigiMaster 7000

For larger classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, the DigiMaster 7000 features 15 high-quality mini loudspeakers that can be combined with another unit, covering double the range of one DigiMaster 5000.

Classroom with nine teenager pupils and a female teacher with plenty of different Phonak Roger microphones.

Software features

Connect to Bluetooth

New Bluetooth connectivity module for easy connection to multimedia devices used in classrooms. This allows the teacher’s voice from the Roger Touchscreen Mic to be mixed with music or another audio signal from a smart device simultaneously. 

Sound quality

More Bass for a fuller, richer sound quality. Thanks to new high-quality loudspeakers.

Access multiple speakers

Connect up to 35 Roger microphones, such as Roger Touchscreen Mic or Roger Pass-around, in the same Roger network to hear everyone. 


Roger™ Pass-around Mic

A student microphone designed to enhance classroom discussions. It can be passed from one student to another, allowing the child with hearing loss to hear not only the teacher, but also their classmates.

Phonak Roger Multimedia Hub hearing aid transmitter.

Roger™ Multimedia Hub

A versatile transmiter featuring audio mixing, the Roger Multimedia Hub allows a teacher's voice to be heard simultaneously with an audio signal and can be connected to any multi-media device or used as a standalone transmitter by a student for audiobooks.

Phonak Roger Charging Rack

Roger™ Charging Rack

A small and lightweight battery charger that allows up to four hearing aid accessories to be charged simultaneously, making teachers ready for the next day in the classroom.

Roger Wall Pilot

Roger™ WallPilot

A wall-mounted device that automatically connects students’ Roger™ receivers and teachers’ microphones to the room’s existing Roger™ network, saving up teachers' time to get students ready for class.

Phonak Roger Repeater hearing aid accessory.

Roger™ Repeater

An accessory that can be used with a Roger™ for Education primary transmitter to help extend the range of audio, allowing the Roger signal to be heard anywhere in a large classroom.

Phonak Roger Focus II hearing aid.

Roger™ Focus II

A wearable hearing solution for children with unilateral hearing loss, auditory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorder to help assist when it’s noisy and their ability to concentrate is impacted.

Kvinde, som står indenfor med hendes laptop i hænderne.

Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to start on your hearing-well journey, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.

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Are you a hearing care professional?

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Roger for Education

Frequently asked questions

  • Unlimited number of Roger receivers
  • Up to 35 Roger microphones
  • Maximum 1 Roger Multimedia Hub when mixing network mode is selected
  • Maximum 1 Roger DigiMaster 5000
  • Up to 2 Roger DigiMaster 7000

Yes. Turn the device off and on again in front of the Roger WallPilot.

Yes, multiple Roger Multimedia Hubs in their own network can be used in one room.

No, changes are immediately applied.

Roger SoundField systems can be used without restrictions in all classrooms in a school building. The intelligent digital transmission technology ensures that no channel switching, or planning is required.

The DigiMaster 5000 is designed for use in rooms measuring up to 100 square meters (1076 sq. ft) or roughly 100 listeners.

One pair of DigiMaster 7000 loudspeakers is designed for use in rooms measuring up to 300 square meters (3230 sq. ft) or roughly 300 listeners.

Usually up to four Roger Repeaters will be used to cover a large room or gym in schools. But if needed, additional Roger Repeaters can be added.


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2 Wolfe, J., Morais, M., Neumann, S., Schafer, E., Mülder, H., Wells., N., John, A. & Hudson, M. (2013). Evaluation of Speech Recognition with Personal FM and Classroom Audio Distribution Systems. Journal of Educational Audiology, 19, 65-79. 

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