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Phonak Serenity Choice Work earplugs
Preventative care

Phonak Serenity Choice™

  • Hearing protection
  • Earplugs

Serenity Choice™ are high-end hearing protection solutions designed to reduce noise and loud sounds while allowing the ear to breathe and keeping relevant sound and speech.

Made for:

  • People who want to prevent hearing loss cause by loud sounds

  • People who want to improve comfort by blocking out environmental sounds

Hearing protection Earplugs
Different types of sounds placed on a decibel scale sound levels.

The importance of hearing protection

Loud sounds or excessive noise exposure for any length of time, long or short, causes fatigue to your ear’s sensory hair cells. This can cause temporary hearing loss or tinnitus. When the volume is above safe limits, it can lead to permanent damage of the sensory cells and other nearby structures, causing irreversible hearing loss. Additionally, prolonged, and continuous exposure will cause progressive hearing loss, ultimately affecting your speech understanding which results in a negative impact on your quality of life.1  


of people exposed to loud noise never or rarely wear hearing protection²


The benefits of Serenity Choice earplugs

  • Reduces noise and loud sounds from 8 to 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) in the U.S. or 15 to 30 Single Number Rating (SNR) in Europe
  • Keeps relevant sound and speech which allows situational awareness and communication
  • Allows the ear to breathe by ventilating the ear to prevent a build-up of excess moisture
Concept image - soundwave transformed by traditional earplugs.
Concept image - soundwave transformed by Phonak Serenity Choice earplug.

As a professional drummer, the Serenity Choice™ earplugs protect my ears and allow me to hear the other musicians in my band while we perform on stage.

Henri - professional musician and music teacher playing an electric guitar at home.
Lucien Mullener professional drummer
Henri - professional musician and music teacher playing an electric guitar at home.

Models features and usage  

There are two types of Serenity earplugs, the Phonak Serenity Choice™ generic hearing protection for occasional use and the Phonak Serenity Choice™ Plus custom hearing protection for frequent use. There is a range of models to suit a variety of use cases. Check with your hearing care provider to see what options are available to you.

Schematic diagram of Phonak Serenity Choice for occasional use.
Schematic diagram of Phonak Serenity Choice Plus for frequent use.

Hearing protection

Phonak Serenity Choice Music earplugs

Serenity Choice™ Music

Serenity Choice™ Music is a high-fidelity earplug designed specifically for musicians, music lovers, and concert goers to help prevent hearing damage in loud listening environments. The patented filter technology reduces sound to a safe level, making it great for music listening as the listener doesn't lose any of the original sound.

Hear the difference
Phonak Serenity Choice Work earplugs

Serenity Choice™ Work

Serenity Choice™ Work reduces noise from heavy equipment, machinery, and power-tools and is designed as personal protection equipment for noisy working environments such as machine shops, farming, road building, and construction or any situation where health and safety require the use of hearing protection. While other hearing protection can sound muffled and unnatural, Serenity Choice™ Work provides an air passage to the ear, minimizing the muffed effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

Hear the differences

Hearing comfort

Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep earplugs

Serenity Choice™ Sleep

Designed for a deeper rest, Serenity Choice™ Sleep reduces the noise you might expect from a partner snoring, street noise, and more.

Kvinde, som står indenfor med hendes laptop i hænderne.

Find a Provider

Whether you have hearing loss or are trying to prevent hearing loss, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.


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  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2020). Vital Signs – Too loud! For too long!. Retrieved from, accessed on March 12th, 2021

Phonak Serenity Choice

Frequently asked questions

Serenity Choice earplugs reduce the noise entering your ears and protect your hearing from unsafe noise levels.

When taking care of your earplugs by cleaning the ear tips after each use, regularly inspecting them, and storing them in a clean storage container, they should last at least two years.


Earplugs are intended to protect hearing by reducing loud sounds in the environment. If the selected earplugs reduce the noise to a safe level, then hearing should not be damaged.