Make a digital connection with your hearing care provider

While follow-up visits are an important part of your hearing care process, new technology can save you time and offer convenience. Hearing care providers now have the capability to assist and support your hearing needs by providing online remote hearing aid adjustments in real time. This added value means you can easily get assistance when you’re traveling, during your lunchbreak at work or whenever your schedule allows without having to driving across town.

The rise of telehealth

The convenience and popularity of telehealth or ehealth services are making it easier to connect with your medical providers. Similar services are available from your hearing care providers based on innovative technologies and services.

Tania Williams, Au.D., from the Brentwood Hearing Center, Tennessee, said her patients have already begun to embrace Phonak Remote app, which is part of the myphonak app. “They love the flexibility,” she said. “Plus, it saves them time and money, because they don’t have to take off work or travel from home.”

Myphonak App

Through the myphonak app and your Audéo™ Marvel hearing aid, remote support services can connect you to your hearing care provider with whom you can communicate by audio and video. This one-on-one conversation can allow adjustments to be made in real time and real situations. The “auditory snapshot” that this conversation can provide might be impossible to re-create in an office visit but can easily be understood through the audio/video conversation, potentially leading to better patient outcomes.

The Hearing Diary, also part of the myphonak app, captures and shares feedback and satisfaction about your hearing aid experience and allows you to directly communicate via messaging with your hearing care provider.

Benefits of Remote Support

Maggie Robertson, Au.D., from Davis Audiology, South Carolina, explained that the remote support benefits so many patients, including those who:

  • May have difficulty getting rides to appointments
  • Are not very mobile
  • Embrace technology
  • Have challenging work schedules
  • Travel frequently

Williams added, “It’s definitely a time-saving tool … especially for those who might live farther away.” She’s found that many of her patients appreciate the convenience of the app because they live in such a fast-paced world. In many cases, a quick 15-minute appointment lets you touch base with your audiologist, and the service comes in handy when you need a quick tune-up.

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