Why hearing health matters

When you hear well, you are well equipped to embrace the life you want.

Whether you are bonding with your loved ones or enjoying your favorite television show, your hearing plays a fundamental role on your overall well-being.

When voices become less clear

Hearing loss can creep up gradually. Some sounds remain audible, while others, like higher-pitched sounds, become more difficult to hear.

If you do not hear well, it’s hard to understand and talk to your loved ones and beyond. Hearing loss is also associated with a number of health issues:

Phonak Icon less social interaction / human being in a house Less social interaction and increased loneliness1

Phonak Icon unhappy face Less participation in activities with friends or events2

Phonak Icon human brain Increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia3

Phonak Icon human being falling Increased risk of falls4

Phonak Well Hearing is Well-Being - Familie auf Couch beim Videospielen

Wohlbefinden durch
gutes Hören

Die Behandlung von Hörverlust kann sowohl das körperliche und kognitive als auch das sozial-emotionale Wohlbefinden positiv beeinflussen.

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