Hearing loss during COVID-19

Phonak is committed to making access to quality hearing care a priority during these challenging times while doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a medical device company, our corporate and manufacturing facilities remain open, but with enhanced safety and sanitary procedures to protect our employees, the hearing care professionals we do business with, and consumers like you. We continue to partner with hearing care professionals to deliver hearing care to those most in need while remaining fully-compliant with all government and health regulations, including guidance from the WHO.

Start your journey online

Complete the Phonak Online Hearing Test from the comfort of your own home. A hearing care professional will then discuss these results with you and assess your candidacy for a hearing aid. Further appointments, including a complete diagnostic assessment, hearing aid fittings and adjustments, can be conducted in the hearing care professional’s office or virtually. With digital alternatives to face-to-face visits, you can access all your hearing care services to suit your individual needs with the same access to professional and personalized expertise.

Online hearing test. First step on a journey to your hearing aid.