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Teens have something to say about the ways that Sky™ V and Roger™ Pen help them connect with friends, music and technology.

Hearing aid users share their experience.

These are their stories, in their own words, about how today’s hearing technology helps them fit in at school, on the field, and at home.

-Eloise, 18, London, England

“As a musician, the Roger Pen has made a huge impact on my life.”

Eloise studies music at City University in London. This English musician credits Phonak hearing aids and Roger with keeping music accessible—both her own and the music she listens to!

-Daniel, 18, Palo Alto, California, United States

"It’s like they’re talking right next to my ear! [Roger Pen] is like the most awesome gadget I’ve ever had.”

Daniel plays sports and several musical instruments. He uses both Roger and Phonak Sky, and says they help him when he’s rehearsing and performing in his own band

-Malin, 15, Stockholm, Sweden

“I've never been able to talk on the phone at all, but now it's easy. ”

“I need it [Roger Pen] most when we are exercising alone, as I need to hear the teacher’s instructions and the music at the same time. In such  situations, their voices can get drowned out. I try to find the right setting, which will pick up all the sounds I need. I’ve never been able to talk on the phone at all, but now it's easy. It's also easier to listen to music. I attach a wire to the Roger Pen, switch it to wireless and the music goes directlyinto my hearing aid. Sometimes, I can connect it up so that several of us can listen to the same piece of music simultaneously via our hearing aids.” 

-Nicole, 17, Naperville, Illinois, United States

“It’s definitely changed my life.”

Nicole says Roger transformed her experience in the classroom, helping her overcome the barriers that most teens with hearing loss face during the school day. 

-Audrey, 15, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

“I think the Roger Pen would be really great to have, to put in the center of the table, or have my friend hold.”

“In the cafeteria, it’s almost impossible to hear. And so I think the Roger Pen would be really great to have, to put in the center of the table, orhave my friend hold.”

Audrey tried the Roger Pen and totally sees how it can help her on the bus for field trips, in the cafeteria, and on the lacrosse field. She is super excited to get one!


-Carolyn, 16, Cleveland, Ohio, United States & 
Catherine, 18, Oreland, Pennsylvania, United States

“The Roger Pen... totally helps when it comes to background noise. And you can connect it to your music!” 

Meet two friends with hearing loss who live in different parts of the US. Both play basketball and love to listen to music. 

-Annie, 16 Columbus, Ohio, United States

“It has boosted my grades at school and given me a new sense of confidence.”

"Over the course of my life, I have used many FM systems at school. However, none of them compare to the Roger system my parents purchased for me. This system has completely defeated all the obstacles I had faced with FM systems in the past. It has really changed my life. It has boosted my grades at school and it has given me a new sense of confidence. I no longer have to worry about static or FM channels. I feel comfortable with Roger and cannot wait to bring it with me to college!"

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