Phonak CROS Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS

for single-sided hearing

Discover the solution for single-sided hearing

The CROS system wirelessly sends the sound from the side where you cannot hear to your better hearing ear. This gives you access to all around hearing delight.

Please be aware that this is not the latest generation of Phonak CROS. Check out the Phonak CROS II page to learn about the benefits of Phonak CROS II: the smart solution for single-sided hearing.

Models of Phonak CROS


Phonak CROS Behind-the-Ear Hearing Device

Phonak CROS


Phonak CROS H2O - BTE Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS H2O


Phonak CROS 312 In-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Phonak CROS 312


Phonak CROS 13 In-the-Ear Hearing Aid | Phonak ITE Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS 13


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