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Why does only one hearing aid connect to the myPhonak app?

My hearing aids are paired with the myPhonak app but only one of them is connecting.

Potential causes and troubleshooting:

During the initial setup of the myPhonak app, you have paired only one hearing aid.  Make sure both hearing aids are paired with the app: 
  • Open the myPhonak app 
  • Tap on Devices 
  • Check if both hearing devices are listed under My hearing aids. 
If only one hearing aid is paired, you need to unpair and re-pair your hearing aids with the app. To do it, open the app and tap on Devices - > My hearing aids -> Forget my devices. Start the pairing again following the instructions in the app. 

Low battery Level. If one of your hearing aids has a low battery level, it might not be detected or able to connect to the app. Ensure that both hearing aids are turned on and have sufficient battery power. 

Interference. External interference, such as other electronic devices or wireless signals, might affect the connectivity. Try connecting in a different environment. 

Bluetooth connection issues. You might need to refresh the Bluetooth connection. 
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your device, then turn it back on. 
  • Restart your phone. 
  • Restart your hearing aids. 
If the above do not help, unpair and re-pair your hearing aids with the app. 

Flight mode. You might have accidentally activated flight mode in one of your hearing aids. Restart your hearing aids to exit the flight mode and put them in the pairing mode. 

Software updates. Your smartphone's operating system and/or the myPhonak app are not up to date. Ensure that both your smartphone's operating system and the app are updated. 

Firmware Updates. Your hearing aids do not have the latest Firmware update. Check with your hearing care professional if your hearing devices have the latest firmware. 
Important: Both hearing aids do need to have the same firmware installed. 

If the problem persists, contact your hearing care professional for assistance.