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How to clean non-rechargeable Phonak Naída and Sky hearing aids

Care and maintenance of battery powered BTE (Behind-the-ear) Phonak hearing aids.

Inspect the earpiece and tube for earwax and moisture deposit. Clean the surfaces with a lint-free cloth. Never use cleaning agents such as household detergents, soap, etc. for cleaning your hearing aid. It is not recommended to rinse these parts with water, as this could cause moisture to be trapped in the tube. If you need to clean your hearing aid intensively, ask your hearing care professional for advice.  

Clean the earpiece with a soft, damp cloth or with a special cleaning cloth for hearing aids. For more in-depth maintenance instructions or for more than basic cleaning, please see your hearing care professional.  

Inspect your hearing tube for color changes, hardening, or cracks. In the case of such changes, the hearing tube has to be replaced. Please see your hearing care professional. 


  • Before using hair spray or applying cosmetics, you should remove your hearing aid from your ear, because these products may damage it. 
  • ​​​​​​​When you are not using your hearing aid, leave the battery door open so that any moisture can evaporate. Make sure that you always completely dry your hearing aid after use. Store the hearing aid in a safe, dry and clean place.