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Exercising data privacy rights

How can a user exercise their data privacy rights in myPhonak?
Sonova's data privacy policy is explained in detail here:

With regard to Health data, there are two possibilities when using the myPhonak app, and only if users decide to:
  • track Health data and access them in a specific section within myPhonak. In this case Sonova cannot access those personal data
  • allow sharing their Health data with Sonova for product improvement purposes

Consent can be provided through the app during the onboarding/ set up process or in the Support section under Legal/ Data Privacy. Any consent is by default deactivated.
There are two ways to stop tracking Health data and displaying them in the Health section of the app:
  • Users can log out from their myPhonak account
  • Users who wish to stay logged in, but not track Health data anymore, they can still deactivate Health data tracking in the Profile section of the app in Health preferences

In the same app section (Profile/ Health preferences), a user can completely delete their health data from the app, if they wish to.

If users have given their consent to share Health data to Sonova and wish to withdraw it, this is also possible in the section Support/ Legal/ Data privacy.