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Connecting the myPhonak app to hearing aids with different types of devices -> Hearing aid combinations supported with myPhonak app

Is it possible to connect a mixed pairing of hearing aids to the myPhonak app?

Yes, there are compatible hearing aids combinations that work with the myPhonak app.  
The 6.6.0 or newer version of the myPhonak app supports mixed pairing of two R and RT hearing aids.  

The myPhonak app supports following compatible hearing aids combinations:  

  1. Audéo M-R & Audéo M-RT  
  2. Audéo P-R & Audéo P-RT  
  3. Audéo L-R & Audéo L-RT  
  4. Bolero M-M & Naida M-SP  

Both hearing aids need to have the same performance level. Please contact your hearing care professional for more information.