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How to troubleshoot issues with my Phonak Charger Case Go?

Charger Case Go -Troubleshooting guide
Verify with your hearing care professional that the most recent firmware is installed on both your hearing aid and charger. The latest firmware optimizes performance and reliability of your devices.

Charger Case Go - Possible charging behaviors, symptoms and troubleshooting tips

Possible behavior: 
  • Charger LED does not light up when opening the lid. 
  • Lowest Charger LED is blinking rapidly green, orange or red. 
  • Lowest Charger LED is solid orange or red. 
  • Hearing aids do not get charged when inserted into the charger. 
  • Hearing aids are not charged after being in the charger for more than 3 hours – LED on hearing aid is not solid green. 
  • Hearing aid shows charging error (solid red LED) after 6 or more hours in the charger. 
If you experience any of the above, please try the following recommendations: 
  • Charge the charger for 3 hours without hearing aids inserted before using it. 
  • Use the cable (with ferrite bead) and wall plug provided by Phonak to ensure the charger is receiving the power it needs. 
  • Do not use other power sources than the wall plug, such as laptop, power banks, cigarette lighter socket etc. 
  • Ensure that the ambient temperature is below 30°C (86°F). 
  • Ensure the hearing aids are correctly inserted into the charger. 
  • Ask your hearing care professional to ensure that the latest firmware version is installed in the hearing aid. 
If none of the above helps, please perform a charger reset following the steps below:
  1. Remove the hearing aids from Charger Case Go.  
  2. Make sure Charger Case Go is connected to the power supply. 
  3. Locate the reset button at the bottom near the rubber ring towards the back of the charger (pin hole). 
  4. Use a pointed tool, e.g. paper clip or pin removal tool, to press the button. 
  5. Hold the button for 8 seconds. 
  6. Release the button when the bottom LED of the battery indicator starts to blink/red/green/red... 
  7. Unplug the charger from the power source and plug it back in. 
If the problem persists, contact your hearing care professional for assistance.