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Cannot reconnect myPhonak with hearing aids on a Sony Xperia after phone startup/restart

The user cannot reconnect myPhonak with the hearing aids on a Sony Xperia after the phone startup/restart
Some technical issues may occur with different Smartphone technologies. This behavior has not been detected in the current version of myPhonak with most Android phones.
  • Found with: Sony Xperia X compact- 7.1.1- Build 34.3.A.0.26
Hearing aids were initially successfully paired and used with the "myPhonak" app prior to restart of phone.
Simply turning Bluetooth® off/on again from the phones control center does not solve the issue. The user has to do it through system settings.

However, should the Phonak hearing aids not be able to reconnect to the myPhonak app on an Android smartphone after phone startup and/or launching of the app (example: the main volume screen of myPhonak shows an endless "Connecting" message on both sides, Left and Right), re-setting Bluetooth in the Android system settings is most likely necessary.
Follow these steps to address the issue:
Step 1: Turn Off and On again Bluetooth in Android system settings
  • Go the the "Settings" area of your smartphone (not within "myPhonak")
  • Select "Bluetooth"
  • Turn Bluetooth "Off"- wait 2 seconds
  • Turn Bluetooth "On" again (in some cases the user will now see a Bluetooth list with hearing aids   showing a "Connecting" label for a brief moment one after the other)
Step 2: Now the myPhonak app should be connected to the Phonak hearing aids again.
Return or re-launch "myPhonak". The phone should now successfully connect the hearing aids to the phone and app within 5 seconds. In case none or only one hearing aid does reconnect after 10 seconds, return to system settings and repeat procedure from the step above.

Step 3: Keep myPhonak updated as new releases can address issues like this.