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Phonak Roger Neckloop hearing aid receiver necklace.
Universal receiver

Phonak Roger™ NeckLoop Hearing Aid Receiver Necklace

  • Versatile
  • Wearable
  • Universal

Roger NeckLoop is a wireless Roger receiver that pairs any hearing device with a T-coil to Roger microphones, helping you understand speech better* in noisy environments or at a distance from a speaker.²

  • Compatible with any telecoil-enabled hearing aid or cochlear implant, whether from Phonak or an alternate brand

  • Lightweight and discreetly worn around the neck or under clothes

  • Easy to use with clear indications, such as battery status, that provide reassurance to use it throughout the day

Roger Neckloop
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The versatility of Roger NeckLoop

Use a Roger NeckLoop with a Roger microphone, and any hearing device with a T-coil during social activities or at work or at school to hear your friends, family, co-workers, and teachers better compared to using hearing aids alone.²

For social activities

Enjoy socializing and feel more connected to friends and family when you use a Roger NeckLoop in combination with a Roger microphone.

For work or school

Feel more empowered at work or school with speech to text, when you connect the NeckLoop to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and pair it to a Roger wireless microphone. 


Research shows that Roger technology improves speech understanding in noise and over distance.¹


increase in speech understanding over hearing aids alone²

With Roger, I don't have to turn and read someone's lips to be part of the conversation.

Family of three having a summer picnic at a lake.
Jacqueline Drexler Roger Microphone User
Family of three having a summer picnic at a lake.
Roger Neckloop hearing aid accessories

Roger technology

The Roger system, consisting of a discreet Roger wireless microphone paired to hearing aids with Roger receivers, gives hearing aid users an additional level of hearing performance by reducing background noise and improving speech understanding in noise and over distance.¹ With the help of Roger technology, people can understand almost 10 times better in noise and over distance, than people with normal hearing.¹

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Online hearing test

Determine how well you're hearing by taking our quick Online Hearing Test from the comfort of your home.

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Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to get set up with hearing aids, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.


When paired with a Roger microphone, Roger NeckLoop allows the benefits of Roger technology to be experienced by millions of hearing aid wearers who do not have Phonak hearing aids.  Roger NeckLoop specifically allows those who do not wear Phonak hearing aids to experience the benefits of Roger using just their telecoil program.  

Roger NeckLoop paired with a Roger microphone adds an additional level of hearing performance on top of your current hearing aid or cochlear implant to make conversations clearer and help with your day-to-day hearing needs.

Roger NeckLoop

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is fine to wear Roger NeckLoop underneath clothes. Do keep in mind that metal objects such as zippers and jewelry can affect the Roger reception.

The USB audio interface makes it possible to use a Roger microphone as input for e.g., speech-to-text or online meeting applications on a computer or smartphone that supports USB audio devices.

Need product support?

Find the right Roger device for you

Everyone’s type of hearing needs differ, which is why we offer a range of hearing solutions to find the right one for you.

Roger Select is placed on a table while middle aged coworkers have a conversation during lunchtime.


*Compared to using hearing aids alone

1 Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American Journal of Audiology, 23(2), 201-210

2 Lejon, A. & Smith, C. (2020). Speech improvement using Roger NeckLoop with different brands of hearing aids. Phonak Field Study News. Retrieved from Accessed June 2021.