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Support clients’ need for speech understanding

Help your clients enjoy social moments with confidence by taking advantage of the tools, resources and technology from Phonak.

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Differentiate your practice with holistic care

Hearing well frees up cognitive resources, reduces listening fatigue and enables fluent communication for your clients. This will be beneficial for them as they interact in a variety of social settings.

By incorporating holistic care into your clinic, you can promote the benefits of overall well-being and its ties to hearing health.
  • An impaired ability to comprehend auditory information, maintain conversations and perceive emotions can impact social and emotional well-being1.
  • Hearing aid use has been reported to enable better engagement in group activities and to positively impact relationships2.
  • Reducing listening effort may reduce feelings of fatigue3.

Phonak offers continued ECHHO training for integrating cognitive and social-emotional well-being to support earlier adoption of hearing aids. You will also gain access to the new Physician Engagement Package for a greater understanding of holistic hearing care and to help expand your referral network. 

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Navigating an AI-powered future

How many clients have come into your clinic and asked specifically for an AI hearing aid? Probably next to none … for now. Most clients are looking for hearing aids that are suitable for their lifestyle, specifically in certain types of social situations they find themselves in. They are also wanting   hearing devices they can rely on and trust to support them when they need it the most, especially when speech understanding is challenging.

However, as hearing aid innovation continues to grow, more advanced AI technology will be made available. Will you feel confident navigating an AI-powered future? Phonak can help.

The Phonak AI Training Series can increase your knowledge and enhance your ability to counsel clients about AI in hearing technology. The series will also help you to better understand the benefits of Phonak AutoSense OS as well as what the future of AI technology in hearing aids may look like. 


74% of end consumers feel more confident in social interactions since wearing Lumity4.

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Offer more moments to shine with Lumity.

Are your clients looking for hearing technology they can rely on to enjoy more social moments with confidence? Phonak Lumity can offer clients that boost they are looking for.

Innovating in the AI field for 24 years

Phonak empowers your clients to hear their best with 24 years of experience in AI-based machine learning. AutoSense OS™ 5.0 harnesses the power of machine learning to accurately identify and adjust to your client’s unique sound environments – automatic when they need it, personalized where and when they want it.

Phonak Lumity: experience more moments to shine

Offer a hearing solution both your peers and clients would recommend for feeling more confident socializing. 
  • 86% of HCPs believe Lumity hearing aids deliver a great first fit experience and 91% of HCPs believe Lumity delivers great sound quality5.
  • 83% of wearers would recommend Audéo Lumity to their friends and family6.​
  • 73% of wearers feel more confident during social situations and in noise with Audéo Lumity hearing aids6.

Empower clients to socialize more easily with Roger technology

Roger microphones enhance hearing in noise and over distance by using adaptive behavior. This adjusts Roger and the hearing aid signals according to the noise level in the environment, providing clients the confidence boost they need.
  • Roger significantly improves the cognitive, emotional and physical consequences of listening compared to listening with hearing aids alone7.
  • Hearing aid users understand almost 10 times better with Roger technology in noise and over distance than people with normal hearing8.
  • Speech understanding improves by 61% in group conversations in loud noise compared to hearing aids alone9.


environmental scans per second


unique settings combinations


years of innovation in machine learning

I feel like I am a lot more involved with my friends and community just because I’m able to communicate better with them and more effectively.

Aaron Small, sprint kayak athlete
Aaron Small sprint kayak athlete
Aaron Small, sprint kayak athlete
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Help clients enjoy social moments with confidence

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