Roger Guide-U: Guided tours that sparkle

Staefa, Switzerland

The Guide-U system makes sure that visitors in leading attractions worldwide, such as the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and the Dresden Start Art Collections in the Semper Building, can effortlessly understand what their guide tells them. Powered by the unique Roger technology, the latest generation of the guiding system offers an even greater listening experience to every visitor: groups of any size, several groups in the same room, and even people with hearing loss can rely on Roger Guide-U to get more out of their guided tour.

Since its launch, Guide-U has been the audio tour guiding system of choice for the world’s biggest visitor attractions. Featuring the latest digital standard, Roger, the new generation of the guiding system offers crystal-clear speech understanding even to large visitor groups or several groups simultaneously. Leveraging Phonak’s longstanding expertise in hearing technology, the barrier-free Roger Guide-U makes sure that even people with hearing loss can easily follow the audio tour. Pass around microphones allow visitors to ask questions without anybody in the group missing out on the discussion.

The advantage of Roger Guide-U: its versatility
With city trips and cultural travel becoming more and more popular, the leading landmarks and museums worldwide have seen a significant increase in visitor numbers over the last years. “Incorporating our latest digital standard Roger, allows us to cater optimally to the needs of these venues”, explains Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing of Phonak. “Roger Guide-U can not only be used by visitor groups of any size, but also by multiple groups being guided through the same room. Its unlimited channel approach ensures zero audio interference with other appliances such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM networks. This means: no hissing or static can be heard.” The versatile system is also used more and more often for factory tours.

Visitors with hearing loss can easily connect their hearing aids with the system – either with an inductive-loop receiver or, if their hearing aid is already equipped with the Roger technology, without any additional receiver. A dedicated Roger receiver sends the speakers words directly into the hearing aids of guests for optimal sound quality and understanding.

Roger Guide-U is also ideally suited for multi-media presentations, trainings and conferences. The system is multi-media ready and easily connects with existing loudspeaker systems in conference rooms.

The beauty of Roger Guide-U: its simplicity
Roger Guide-U has been designed for intuitive use. All its main settings are automated: Channels are located automatically; new transmitters and receivers are connected with a single button press, and connected devices stay connected even after rebooting.

Roger Guide-U is the smallest and lightest tour guiding system in the market. It features one or more wireless microphones, used by the tour guide, and receiver headphone sets which are worn by visiting guests. Various transmitters, receivers, headphones and accompanying accessories are available, including a receiver for users with hearing loss and a handy pass around microphone.

Roger Guide-U is distributed around the world by Phonak and its distribution partners.

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