Hearing aid warranty

What is the term of the warranty and for how long are the Phonak hearing aids serviced?

Warranty Policy
At Phonak, we believe consumers deserve the best hearing experience available today. The preferred treatment for individuals with hearing loss includes the supporting care delivered by licensed hearing care professionals. Licensed hearing care professionals have gone through rigorous training in school as well as ongoing continued education training through various professional organizations. These professionals are also trained directly by Phonak on fitting and programming the latest Phonak technology.

We believe the relationship with your hearing care professional should be personal and unique. Countless studies around the world have proven that face-to-face evaluations, selection, fitting, and follow-up care lead to much higher patient satisfaction and increased use with hearing aids. That’s why we believe the best hearing experience includes the ongoing care and expertise of the hearing care professional.

Caution for Consumers
Purchasing hearing care products via the internet or other mail-order catalogs may result in your receiving substandard fitting or follow-up care. While the internet has become a valuable resource for all consumers, we continue to believe that the best care for the consumers will be achieved through a face-to-face consultation with a hearing care professional, for which purpose we supply products directly to and work with. Please approach any of our authorised dealers that are trained on providing such specific products and services.

To know about our authorised dealers in Singapore, please refer to this listing Find an audiologist in your area | Phonak.

Warranty Terms and Limitations
Please refer to the User Guide for the warranty terms, which can be accessed by visiting https://www.phonak.com/sg/en/support/product-support/user-guides.html. In addition to those limitations to the warranty set forth under the User Guide, and subject to the national applicable laws and regulation, the warranty to our products only comes into force if a proof of purchase from our authorized dealers is shown.