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What is a Phonak Hearing Care Partner?

A strong partnership with hearing care professionals is essential to the work we do at Phonak. We listen carefully to - and learn from - hearing care professionals and their patients around the world.

Our company strives to continuously challenge the limits of technology to help people try to overcome even the most difficult hearing situations, and we strive to provide hearing care professionals with all the tools they need to fit patients efficiently and accurately.

Partnering with a hearing aid manufacturer like Phonak can reshape the way your clinic does business.

Become a partner

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Industry-leading hearing aid supplies and products

Expertise and Quality products

Phonak has shaped the hearing aid industry for more than 75 years with innovative, state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices. We combine expertise in hearing technology, with a passion for research and strong cooperation with local hearing care partners. Our innovative hearing devices allow us to significantly improve people’s hearing ability and speech understanding and their quality of life, too. We do more than sell hearing products. 

Our expertise and mastery have culminated in a complete range of digital hearing instruments and complementary wireless communication systems. 

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and Phonak sets new industry benchmarks for miniaturization, durability and performance every day. 

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Audiology thought leadership and community

We continuously strive to learn, especially from our hearing care partners’ individual experiences with their patients. This dialogue is continuous, and the result is great collaboration. 

Phonak puts evidence-based research at the core of every new product. In addition to our own research and development, we explore and contribute to journal articles, field studies, white papers and more. Hearing care providers can take advantage of our extensive resource library to learn more about the science behind our technologies. 

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Business Growth

We know what it takes for hearing care practices to succeed, and we're ready to help your business excel.

We can help you identify new business goals, support your existing patient base and optimize your digital presence. Our team can also introduce you to new Phonak hearing aid supplies and related opportunities. 

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Marketing Support

Phonak is always ready to help you position your brand to stand out in the market. 

The Phonak Account Marketing team provides various traditional and digital marketing assets to help supplement your own efforts.

 Phonak offers a variety of product photos and logos to help you add value and liveliness to your advertising and create effective, eye-catching marketing materials. 

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Continuing Education and Events

We help you stay current and expand your expertise through training and event opportunities. 

These may include subjects like new technological development, software and tools, business and clinic development for you and your team. These educational opportunities may range from online, to face-to-face or group sessions. 

Our team members help you improve your knowledge, develop skills, reach deeper into the marketplace, better understand the industry and enhance connections with other hearing care providers.

Phonak Audiology empowers you with international conferences for networking and learning from industry leaders and experts.