Phonak RemoteControl App FAQ

The app will no longer pair with my hearing aids, ComPilot II, or ComPilot Air II. Why not?

The Phonak RemoteControl is no longer able to pair with devices because it has become incompatible with the latest update of the iOS system to Version 13.

iOS - Users who have upgraded their iPhone to iOS Version 13 will no longer be able to pair with the app.

Android - Users who already have the app installed, it will continue to work on their current software version.

The Phonak RemoteControl is no longer available for further download and will not be replaced.

Remote control functionality that was offered through the app is still available through the ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II, we recommend for users to use this instead of the app.

Please also note that music streaming and phone calls can still be used between the devices, as they use a Bluetooth Classic connection which is independent of the app. It is only the app pairing which no longer works with the iOS 13 update.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: or