Frequently asked questions


I am a Veteran, where do I go for help with obtaining a hearing aid?

Please use this link to locate a Government Service Provider in your area for information and support including providing you updated information on your repair.

Is there a wireless accessory for Phonak hearing aids?

Phonak has developed a broad range of wireless accessories in order to make it possible for you to best use and discreetly control your hearing system. This includes, for example, remote controls, wireless connection modules to the TV and computer and much more. Programs and accessories that can help you make phone calls simply and more comfortably are also included in this product range.

Ask your hearing care professional for more information.

What are Roger wireless communication systems?

Roger systems are wireless communication systems consisting of Roger wireless microphones and Roger receivers. The microphone is placed close to the sound source (e.g. lectern, TV). The words are transmitted clearly and directly to the hearing aid in the form of digital audio packets.
Phonak is a leader in wireless communication. In order to take advantage of the benefits of Roger wireless systems, have a professional consultation with your hearing care professional.
If you already have a Roger wireless systems and need additional information on using the system, please consult the relevant user instructions or ask your hearing care professional.