What users say


I am a professional musician, not a woodwind player: I play guitar and bass. I suffer a kind of distortion when the level is above a given level. As a teacher, I also frequently need to speak without being annoyed by my own voice which happens with most of the protection.


I tried many different brands, even custom ear tips, but was never really satisfied (occlusion problem, muffled sound…) until I bought this product

you find on the market. I tried many different brands, even custom ear tips (that the shop took back and refunded me!), but was never really satisfied (occlusion problem, muffled sound…) until I bought this product. I am even using it in noisy environments such as restaurants or bars and it allows me to understand a lot better what people are saying! No treble muffling, flat response and perfect to play. And the occlusion effect is really minimal.


Even though I was skeptical about hearing protection in general buying these, I can’t imagine not having these with me anymore.

For example: I doubted whether music is still enjoyable and whether I can still understand people with it but this appeared to be very much the case.