Hearing aids and music

Thanks to Phonak hearing aids, you will never have to miss a beat of your favorite music

One of the greatest novelists of all time, Leo Tolstoy once said that “music is the shorthand of emotion” and for most of us, being able to listen to music is indeed one of life's great joys — and something we often take for granted.

If you've suffered some degree of hearing loss, you'll know that listening to music is no longer what it used to be. How we hear music is subjective and individual, making it difficult to reproduce authentically and naturally through a hearing aid. The good news is that hearing your favorite music the way you remember it is within reach. The latest Phonak hearing aids put speech intelligibility and sound quality of speech first, and with special research-based settings, no hearing aid has been rated closer to the ideal sound for music.*  

Stu Nunnery

As a singer it’s quite another thing to be able to hear many more facets of my voice

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* Hearing aids and Music Legarth, Zacharov Latzel and Küehnel, published Audiology Online December 2014