Go to the distance

Some people battle the opposing team, another competitor, or their own personal record. But you, you face all that and so much more. Wind. Moisture. Dirt. They can all take you out of the game. Phonak Sky™ B and Roger™ Pen are here to keep you in it.

Get dirty.

Don’t let the elements hold you back. The tough exterior of Sky B takes one look at dirt and dust, and says “Bring it”.

Phonak Sky B’s advanced hardware locks out dust and tells mud to back off.

Get coached.

The Roger Pen delivers your coach’s voice directly to your ear. It’s the competitive advantage you’ve been waiting for.

Every practice counts. Roger Pen lets you easily hear over crowd noise, music, or any other sound that might stand between you and your coach.

Nothing but net.

Loud auditoriums are your nemesis, but we’ve got your back. Sky B beats back the roar of the crowd to help you stay focused on the game. Score!

Phonak Sky B helps you hear your teammates, so that you can keep your head in the game.

Stay on the ball.

Regardless of what you do or where you go, Phonak Sky B is designed to weather the storm. Come rain, hail, sweat or snow, take on the elements and keep on the ball!

Phonak Sky B’s water-resistant casing keeps your hearing aids safe from moisture so that you don’t have to worry about your technology getting wet. 

Lace up. Plug in.

The Roger Pen streams music and motivation when you need it most. That means there’s nothing standing between you and that personal record.

Just plug the Roger Pen into your phone or MP3 player, and press play. You’ll be moving to the beat of your favorite music, while your running partners are still untangling their headphones!

Love the wind. Again.

Flying down the road can create wind noise that makes talking impossible, and safety an issue. Isn’t it time to change all that?

Hit the road with Sky B’s advanced speech-in-wind technology and focus on the sounds that matter most. Stay in the know.



"In a noisy environment and over distance, someone using hearing aids and a Roger system
 will understand speech 62% better than people without any hearing loss. 
That’s what we call a competitive advantage!"

-Thibodeau, L. June 2014. American journal of audiology Vol. 23(2): pp. 201-10. 

With Sky B and Roger Pen, staying in the game
just got a whole lot easier.

Meet Sky B
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Meet Sky B

An outstanding hearing aid that is smart enough to sense what you want to hear and tough enough to stand up to your real life

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Meet Roger Pen

A powerful microphone that picks up both voices and audio from electronic devices and streams the sound wirelessly to your hearing aids

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