Welcome to music.

Phonak Sky™ B and Roger™ Pen give you a music experience like never before.

Hear, discover, share, and fall in love... with music.

Not just live music. Alive music.

With Sky B and Roger Pen, music is no longer just noise. You can enjoy it without being blasted out.

Work up a sweat on the dance floor. 

Phonak Sky B is moisture resistant.

Hear your friends when they're behind you.

Phonak Sky B gives you 360˚ listening.

Hear your date from across the room.

Roger Pen beams sound up to 10 meters.

At home or on the go: music to your ears.

Phonak Sky B and Roger Pen let you enjoy music anywhere and everywhere.

Listen to music. Make music.

Connect Roger Pen to your music player, amp, keyboard, or music software, and it streams music wirelessly to your hearing aids.


Phonak Sky B works like equalizers for your ears, making the music you love sound even better.

Formerly impossible, now available.

Meet Sky B
Meet Roger Pen

Meet Sky B

An outstanding hearing aid that is smart enough to sense what you want to hear and tough enough to stand up to your real life

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Meet Roger Pen

A powerful microphone that picks up both voices and audio from electronic devices and streams the sound wirelessly to your hearing aids

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