Phonak Guide app

The Phonak Guide app is created to help you get used to your new Phonak hearing aids

Handling and maintenance of your hearing aids are illustrated and described in a user friendly way, and available in English, French, German and Spanish.
Open the app and follow the wizard to customize the app for the specific hearing aids.


Phonak Support App phone image
Guide App Phone displaying Audeo B hearing aids


Customized support to your specific hearing aid:

1. Step-by-step instructions
2. Troubleshooting guides
3. Clinic contact data

Supported Phonak hearing aid families 

  • Audéo Marvel
  • Audéo B
  • Bolero B
  • Naída B
  • Sky B
  • Vitus
  • Vitus+
  • Virto B
  • Audéo V
  • Bolero V
  • Naída V
  • Sky V
  • Virto V

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